Since the launch of the cloud-based version of our YourVolunteers system this past year, more than 2,000 organizations around the world have signed up for our free service.


Create shifts for your organization and volunteers either select from those themselves or you as the volunteer manager can assign volunteers. Filter the list by interests, availability or simply choose from a list of all volunteers. Scheduling conflicts are prevented.

Manage / Engage

Maintain a database of your volunteers so that you have their current contact information. Keep notes about the volunteer that can be shared among volunteer managers within your organization. Group your volunteers and limit shifts to those groups.


If the volunteer does not start and end their shifts at the scheduled times, you can enter the actual times they worked and also record any no shows. This information then appears on volunteer reports and in charts so that you can keep track of those who are often late or who frequently miss their shifts.


By "cloud" we do not mean, "the system is on the Internet." Our system utilizes the power of one of the world's largest cloud services providers ensuring that we can continue to provide our service for many years to come as our user base grows.


In the redevelopment of our system, we chose to utilize mobile-first design principles which means that the you can choose to use your computer's web browser or the browser of your tablet or phone and you get the same user experience.